Trucking along for over 65 years and counting.

Middle TN’s
Hauling Heroes

Trucking was the first service we provided when Smith Constructors began in 1959, and it remains just as important to us today. Our dedication to trucking has only grown over the years, and our focus on safety, integrity, and extreme ownership has stayed firmly in place.

It all comes down to this: Whatever we can fit in our dump truck, we can haul. We work on our own projects as well as those for other grading and utilities contractors, providing a much-needed service across middle TN.

Carrying the Weight of Your Project With Ease

In the 65+ years we’ve been trucking, we’ve honed our craft and built a legacy based on excellence which our drivers uphold proudly. Our highly-skilled drivers hold CDL licenses, ensuring the utmost professionalism and expertise for each and every job. Whether you need dirt, rock, or topsoil hauling, our fleet of dump trucks and dedicated drivers are here for you.

Smith Constructors in Action

Your Trucking Questions Answered

Our trucking capabilities are broad – we can haul anything that fits in the dump truck. We typically haul dirt and rocks for construction projects and work closely with grading and utilities contractors.

Absolutely! Our drivers have CDL licenses, and we have been trucking since 1959.

We have a large fleet of on-road dump trucks that allow us to complete trucking jobs of all sizes.

Why You Can Count on Smith Constructors

Trucking Since 1959

Our commitment to good, honest hard work hasn’t wavered once in 65+ years.

CDL Licensed Drivers

Our drivers have Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDLs), demonstrating our dedication to our skills.

Safety & Quality Count

We prioritize safety and quality above all else, ensuring our team goes home safely every night.  

Unearth the Smith Constructors Difference

With a rich history in trucking across Tennessee since 1959, we’ve built on the legacy created by J.L. “Chicken” Smith all those years ago. Between our skilled drivers and fleet of on-road dump trucks, we can safely haul whatever you need that will fit. From the days of phosphorus to today’s dirt, rock, and topsoil, our grassroots mean we stay planted, but your dirt doesn’t have to. To get started with our trucking services, get in contact with us today.  

Our Services

Originally a trucking company, we continue to offer this in addition to other much-needed services across middle TN.


From the installation of water lines to ensuring proper water flow and distribution, we have the expertise to meet your water utility needs.


We ensure proper sewer line connections, effective waste removal, and efficient drainage systems with a focus on quality and attention to detail.


Our experienced team implements stormwater management systems to collect, divert, and control stormwater runoff for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

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